Why Like Ladders are bad news for your business.

If you care about eliciting business from your Facebook Page youll stay away from Like Ladders. Like Ladders are one of the single biggest contributors to the death of Businesses Facebook Pages. Why? Read on to find out how.

UK, Norway and Australian Likers for a business that only operates in the US. This is an illogical marketing strategy..

Like Ladders are events held on Facebook pages where in return for a like on your page, a person will ask you to like their page. Without looking deeply into this, this sort of reciprocal likeing love sounds really great for your online business, right?


The problem with Like Ladders is that whilst youre gaining fans, youll be losing the ability to reach current customers. This is because your Facebook posts only reach 7%-14% of your fans. So, If half of your fans are from Like Ladders, youll only be able to reach 3.5-7% of your real fans.

If most of your fans are Like Ladder fans, and only a tiny percentage are real fans wanting your product your legitimate fans will barely ever see your Facebook Pages Content!

The people who like your page through the like ladders will most likely never be converted into customers, because they often have no interest in your business whatsoever other than to help them inflate their businesses Facebook like count.

So while that ego boosting number will go up, your ability to engage and reach current fans will go down. Which is a very negative outcome for your business especially if you rely on Facebook to drive customers.

If you’re a Dietitian in Melbourne or a Caterer in Adelaide, you want likers who are your potential customers in your location. Here at YBD we want Business Owners to like our page, at Ediet they’d want people who want to improve their diet to like their page.

Its not all bad news, there are ways to recover your Business from using these shortcut like ladder methods. Effective Marketing & Facebook Advertising is key to this.

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